Movement as medicine

We utilize the scientifically proven DAVID devices enhanced with proprietary Nordic Health software solutions, business process and care protocols.

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The Right Dosage

The main component in successful progress is the ability to quantify and control all variables in therapeutic exercises. This is possible if the devices are correctly designed to provide smooth and easy-to-handle loading over the full range of movement. The movement and speed are accurately controlled by the responsive graphical feedback of the EVE Terminals which ensures that individually prescribed, safe range is followed.

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High Productivity

With all the sophistication in the devices and software, DAVID devices are remarkably easy to use. Registering to each device is done with an RFID card. Seats and other support elements are automatically adjusted and the program is retrieved from the cloud. After a few instructed sessions, patients quickly master the use of the system, freeing human resources for more critical tasks. One physical therapist can work with 3-6 patients simultaneously without any reduction in the quality of care. Also, self-care is possible and proven both medically and economically very effective.

Advanced training technology. Cloud-based software for guidance. Control and data gathering.