EVE platform

At the core of our solution

The EVE platform (eValuated Exercise) manages the whole treatment process – helps stratify patients, automates treatment program creation, guides through individual exercises and collects all the data for reporting. It helps therapists in making better treatment choices and motivates clients in their recovery journey. It also acts as a management tool in reporting the quantity and quality of operations of the instructors and clients, all online and in real-time.

“All treatment data is instantly available for reporting with a few clicks – anywhere, anytime.”

EVE Web Access cloud service

Cloud service is the heart of the whole EVE platform. All the training information is stored on the server software allowing for a complete analysis of the treatment data. True to a full cloud service, the system can be accessed with a web browser from any location. The cloud service offers treatment professionals and clients the following functionality:

  • Functional profile analysis for creating an optimal treatment programme;
  • Treatment templates and programmes for individualized approach;
  • Quality tracking of each movement for detailed training analysis;
  • Questionnaires from easy-to-analyse treatment feedback;
  • Intervention engine for additional exercises based on achievements and progress;
  • Total treatment tracking for evaluating treatment success
  • Quality and quantitative data for center management
  • Full integration to any patient records system via HL7 interface

EVE Terminals

All treatment devices have a colour touch screen monitor where patients can log-in with an RFID card and see the correct training settings. It adjusts most of the settings of the device automatically with actuators based on preferences stored by the therapists. During the training it shows the safe movement range which is derived from the patient’s own pain free mobility measurement values. The terminal also guides the correct training speed and constantly monitors the coordination of training. Patients get immediate feedback on how well they were able to follow the designed exercise based on range of motion, work amount, coordination and speed.

EVE Info-Kiosk

Customers use the Info-Kiosk to log in to their training sessions using their RFID identifier. It shows possible messages from the therapists and asks for pain information and possible other questionnaires that have been pre-programmed. Customers can also view their current /past/future training programs. Therapists can access the full functionality of the Web Access software suite with a separate login.

EVE Exercise-Kiosk

The EVE system is not limited to only device exercises. Any exercise or treatment can be added to patients’ training programs with pictures, videos and written instructions. The Exercise-Kiosk has a large 42-inch touch-screen and can be operated with Kinect tracked hand-gestures from afar. Customers can easily mark what exercises they have performed and if they had issues with performing those exercises. This additional exercise functionality is also available in the regular Info-Kiosk.

Future of Physical Therapy

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