Physician and Hospital Relationships

The NH Spine+Ortho strategy recognizes that local physicians and hospitals drive revenue growth and are an important component to a successful NH clinic, especially regarding traditional fee-for-service business. NH offers evidence-based education and training for primary care physicians (PCPs) and specialists to improve the assessment and management of patients with spine and orthopedic pain. This occurs through live seminars and online education that help to solidify the local physician community’s alignment with the NH clinic, helping to establish and grow valuable relationships between these physicians and NH.

Revenue Growth Strategies

Nordic Health builds relationships with employers and physicians in the communities it serves. The company uses its proven marketing strategies to drive measurable revenue growth. It deploys a targeted approach for marketing and business development to self-funded companies, union welfare funds, independent physician practice associations, and public-sector employers, as well as managed care and accountable care organizations. NH’s dedicated relationship specialists act as catalysts to establish strategic relationships that link the business community and physician practices to the NH clinic.

Business Partnership

Nordic Health partners with neurological and orthopedic surgery practices, integrated health systems, hospitals and independent physician practice associations. The business relationship may be structured as a joint venture or management agreement.